Hey Guys!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone whose been reblogging, liking, and following me and my pictures.
I don’t post a lot because I have my personal blog (linked on my home page) that I am on on a regular basis.
I am on summer break so I am a bit busy, but I will try to be on here much more now since my summer is coming to an end soon.
Thank you all again!!!
**Disclaimer: I take no credit for the photography of pictures that are not tagged “my picture”, all pictures on this blog have a black and white filter put by me.

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I have a black and white blog and I need a title for it.. Do you happen to have an idea of any...

I’m assuming your asking what to put for your URL??

For mine I literally took the definition of what the color white is; “white is created due to the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light”. Make your URL represent some aspect of your blog and don’t make it too long.

If you give me the link to your blog I can look at it and give you a few URLs that might work.